Are you ready to get your self in the hot seat of one of these?

A Formula Ford Race  car is one of the more distinctive-looking open-wheel race cars because it does not have wings to create aerodynamic downforce, relying on mechanical grip and high speed with no aerodynamic disadvantages, allowing some of the closest racing with plenty of overtaking.

On the track you will be driving a mid rear mounted,  worked Ford 1800cc Zetec engine mated to a Hewland racing transmission with a 4 speed manual and Formula specification clutch and flywheel package.

Don’t underestimate the small engine displacement, the lightweight motor produces peak horsepower at higher revs, but the gearing and the longer stroke of the engine allows you to take advantage of the impressive torque curve at lower rpm’s. When you factor in the extremely light weight of the car at around 550kg’s (including you!) you are looking at a seriously fast car.

How fast? With a good driver the Formula Ford will be faster around any of our tracks than the same driver in a Porsche 911 GT3 RS, which in turn is about as fast as a Holden or Ford V8 Supercar.


Spec Sheet:

Engine: 145 PS (143 hp or 107 kW and 140 lb·ft or 190 N·m)  DOHC four-cylinder Ford Zetec engine, sealed on cylinder head and front and rear crankshaft seal covers.

Steering: Rack and pinion

Suspension: Front & Rear – pushrod activated dual damper system. Full racing car suspension designs are required to ensure maximum tyre grip at various cornering speeds. Chassis balance is adjustable and controlled by damper, spring and anti-roll bar combinations.

Brakes: Four-wheel disc brakes have independent front and rear activation. Front/rear bias is adjustable.

Gearbox: Limited to 4 forward and 1 reverse gear. Ratios can be changed to suit various circuits and conditions.

Fuel tank: 41-litre

Tyres: Front & rear – 5.5 in Avon (ACB10) tyres. A grooved Avon racing tyre is chosen for optimum grip under all weather conditions. The Avon tyre and compound are specified, ensuring an economical wear rate.