Long or Short track?

All of our experiences are held on Barbagallo's short track.
However it is possible to work your way up to the long track, for more
details please see Advanced Driving

What equipment will I be supplied?

Driving attire provided includes: a race suit, gloves, boots and a helmet. The wearing of safety equipment is mandatory, as is attending the safety briefing prior to entering pit lane and driving the vehicle.
Additional track safety measures are always in place, including fire marshals and medical personnel.

If you have your own race gear then you are more than welcome to wear it. Please note the helmet worn must be a full face helmet.

What do I need to wear?

Wear clothes appropriate for weather on the day. We recommend a thin light T-shirt and shorts and thin comfortable  
socks, we suggest you also bring sunscreen, a hat and sunglasses
on hot sunny days. You will be provided
a race suit (overall-type) . There are no security lockers
available so please minimise Jewellery and valuables

Can I use a go pro?

On-car Go Pro mounts are fitted to most of our cars, if you have a Go Pro you would like to use please bring with you
and advise our staff at the beginning of the day.

*Please note you are required to supply your own housing and quick release buckle. 

What are the restrictions?

All participants must be less than 120Kg and under 192cm tall, to fit safely into the cockpit. Please contact us if in doubt.
The driver must be  16 years old and fluently be able to use a manual gear box as clutch activation and short-lever gear changes are required.

 What sort of heath requirements do you need?

 If you have any concerns with respect to experiencing a high-speed drive with some muscle jarring and high G-forces, it is recommended that you seek professional medical advice and advise us immediately if you wish to transfer, postpone or cancel your booking. This is not a suitable activity for drivers who are pregnant.

Alcohol and drugs policy

You must have a 0.00% blood alcohol level on the day, and not be under the influence of illicit or prescription drugs that in any way would affect your ability to control a motor vehicle. Fastlane has the right to refuse any driver access to the car and track should they not meet these requirements.


What happens if there is bad weather?

Rain may cause some stoppages or delays to the event. If it is raining on the morning of the event, we advise you to phone 1300 666 350 to speak to our team in regards to the plans of the day possibly changing .

If Fastlane Racing needs to cancel the event you will, simply rebook without penalty with our customer service team during normal business hours.

Are spectators welcome?

 Visitors are welcome and encouraged. We endeavour to make the atmosphere a family event. Depending on the availability on the day, visitors may have the opportunity to purchase a drive themselves.