Advanced Driving

Stohr Formula 1000

This Fastlane Racing Stohr Formula 1000 is the newest and most technological advanced open wheel racing car in Australia. After series success in the USA and introduction to Asia the Formula 1000 is seen as a stepping stone from Formula Ford towards professional competition.

Packed with technology and weighing a mere 435kg these cars can achieve speeds of 265 KMPH, what makes them sensational is their dramatically braking and ability to corner at high speeds thanks to their aerodynamics package.  With engines revving at 13,000 PRM and using electronic shifting they are both a visual and audible spectacle.

This high performance, wings and slicks open wheel category utilises 1000cc motorcycle engine producing in excess of 185hp. Combined with an ultra-light weight open wheel chassis and full aero produces amazing, fast paced, affordable racing action.

The cars therefore have a performance range approaching that of Formula Atlantic or Formula 3.

From a spectator point of view, there is nothing else like it in Australia. The sounds these cars will make as they come over the hill and in to the final corner of Barbagallo Raceway will be akin to an F1 car taking to the track; the auto- blipper perfectly performing the down shifts. It is a real crowd pleaser.

WA is leading the nation by hosting the inaugural rounds of the AUS F1000 series at Barbagallo Raceway home to Fastlane Racing.

The Fastlane Racing Formula 1000 will be driven by Anthony Martin, after winning the Formula Ford State Championship in 2013 he has been chosen to represent Fastlane Racing as a sponsored driver for 2014, both in the formula ford and the F1000 series.


We are very excited to announce the launch of our Advanced Driving School Program.

Students who have completed our school will now have the opportunity to race our brand new F1000. We're the only driving school offering this race car experience in Western Australia. It's the closest many of us will get to driving a Formula One race car - and believe us, it's going to leave you begging for more.

To get to the skill level and driving knowledge required for this unique driving experience, you will need to attain a Fastlane Racing Driver School 'Open' Licence. This is a 4 stage process.

  1. Provisional Licence - You are eligible for this licence when you complete our Driving School. You will need to complete laps every 6 months to retain this status.
  2. Restricted Licence - This is when we know you're ready for business. You've passed our first test and you've mastered a set series of race driving skills.
  3. Open Licence - The Open Licence means that you are ready to Race.
  4. Pro Licence -  You are ready to take the F1000 for a spin.

If you're keen to drive at this level, call us and we'll run you through this specially designed program.

Do you have what it takes? Call us to book now on 1 300 666 350 or contact us here.

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